Join Us in Thanking The Commission for Voting to Reinstate Missing Middle Housing Options in Decatur

Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

Thank you for having the courage and foresight to vote yes to reinstating missing middle zoning in the city of Decatur. We hope that you will do the same tonight, to allow duplexes, triplexes and quads housing options in our city once again.

The Coalition for a Diverse Decatur & DeKalb, a voluntary association of affordable housing advocates, believes our community should be an inclusive one that welcomes people at all stages of life — recent graduates, professionals, skilled craft people, working couples, retirees and growing families. 

We cannot restore economic diversity in our city without making changes to our zoning policies and programs, and we must plan for a future that includes people of different ages and income levels. We fully support the missing middle proposal. It contains  specific provisions that will help create more middle-income homes without jeopardizing existing single-family home values, disrupting the quality of life for current homeowners or overburdening our school system. 

The Coalition will continue efforts to educate our neighbors about why this is good policy. Thank you for your service to our community.


The Coalition for a Diverse Decatur & DeKalb

  • David Lewicki, 150 Ridley Lane
  • Carrie Sjogren, 219 Mt. Vernon Drive
  • Wendy Cromwell, 221 Mt. Vernon Drive
  • Paula Collins, 201 W Ponce de Leon Ave.
  • Phil Cuffey, 408 Adams St.