Our vision

We imagine a world in which every community member can live, work, and share life together. In this  Beloved Community, every neighborhood would have housing options for all income levels

Defining the problem

Many of our neighborhoods fall far short of this vision. Neighborhoods are broken by short-sighted, exclusive, and often racist public policies, including:

  • single family only zoning policies,
  • red lining and
  • no public housing.

In addition most communities are economically segregated — wealthy people live in one area, poorer people in another. This community does not work. In wealthier communities, people are healthier with better education opportunities. In poorer communities, people are sicker with lacking education opportunities, and there is a greater likelihood of negative outcomes. Despite the myth of the “American Dream,” it is extremely hard for poorer people to pull themselves up by their “bootstraps” and move into a diverse middle or wealthier community. We live separate lives.

In economically-integrated communities, outcomes for people who are poorer are vastly improved, while outcomes for people who are wealthy are not diminished. We share life’s burdens and benefits.

Housing is the foundation for Beloved Community. Each community can make decisions that will provide diverse housing options through a combination of the private market and public policy.

The Coalition for a Diverse Decatur & DeKalb supports our community in developing policies that move toward this vision of Beloved Community. We welcome all of our neighbors to join our movement!

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