June 2023 Meeting Minutes


  • Elka Davidson,
  • Charlie Cromwell
  • Wendy Cromwell, Co-Chair
  • Carrie Sjogren, Co-Chair
  • David Lewicki
    Lesa Mayer, City Commissioner
  • Carol Burgess
  • Gail Bell
  • Ellen Graybeck 

April Meeting recap: Doug Faust, Decatur Housing Authority, discussing Section 8 vouchers and the policy changes needed to create wider acceptance and more general effectiveness of vouchers.

Lesa Mayer Conversation Highlights 

  • No permits have been issued for Missing Middle, but there have been applicants.
  • City of Decatur Schools is one of the applicants for the Westchester Drive property; school board has been very excited about the possibility
  • City has high percentage of residential over commercial tax base (25 percent/75 percent)
  • Decatur Land Trust; city has been looking for and buying houses for the land trust; arrangement will be 99-year lease with the Land Trust; 3 units in Park 108 (old AT&T near E. Lake MARTA)
  • ARPA funds have been helpful in supporting housing purchases
  • Strategies to preserve existing affordable housing in Decatur is coming this year; looking at tax relief programs
  • Could the land trust explore relationships with people who owe taxes?
  • The most effective way to support the commission is by staying organized and getting people out when there’s an issue
  • Decatur Home Rehab program is expanding
  • Turnout for community meetings is important. This is a way the Coalition can help
  • Tax Allocation District fizzled