Meeting Minutes

Kristin Allin

January 5, 2023 Coalition Meeting

Attending Carrie Sjogren and Wendy Cromwell, moderators Alice Weinberg Kristin Allin,  Catherine Carter Paula Collins Lisa Bastin Carol Burgess Diana Caplan Kathleen Kelly Annie Godfrey Tammy Washington Elizabeth Ingram Moderator housekeeping updates  Presented version new logo that emphasizes housing (our mission). Tweaks coming.  Website updates on deck as well Meetings: second Thursday of every month …

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Jan. 17: Decatur Missing Middle Commission Meeting 

Missing Middle housing alternatives – duplexes, triplexes and quads – are important, more affordable alternatives to single-family homes in Decatur. Having these housing options will enable more community helpers (firefighters, police officers, teachers, cafeteria workers, etc.), recent graduates and young families, among others, to work AND live in Decatur. Need talking points?  Show your support …

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Kristin Allin

Jan. 5: Coalition Meeting Featuring Decatur Missing Middle Q&A 

Kristin Allin, Decatur’s Affordable Housing Planner, will join us to discuss Decatur’s missing middle housing recommendation. She’ll explain what missing middle housing is, why it is important and answer any questions you might have. We’ll use this time to discuss how the Coalition is and will continue to support this effort. The final vote on …

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December 12, 2022 Minutes

Attendees: David Lewicki, Wendy Cromwell, Paula Collins, Annie Godfrey, Carrie Sjogren Discuss meeting days/time, Mailchimp, co-sponsoring seminar (request from Sara), Missing Middle effort Meetings – who needs to be there, when to meet working template was 1/month Tuesday evening meetings, meant to be highly participatory and to draw large groups, trying to do education about …

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November 15, 2022 Meeting

Attending: Catherine Carter, Gail Bell, Lou Reeves, Beate Sasse, Tim Sass, Carol Burgess, Wendy Cromwell, Carrie Sjogren, Alice Weinberg, Paula Collins, Kris Adams, Diana Caplan,  Moderator: David Lewicki Recent Decatur successes:  Mandatory inclusion zoning in Decatur and Atlanta: While not at the percentages we would like, it is a start.  Missing middle conversation is now …

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January 9 event

Jan. 9: Community Forum — Root Causes of Homelessness

The House the Unhoused DeKalb Alliance and the Coalition for a Diverse Dekalb & Decatur are sponsoring a community forum, Root Causes of Homelessness: Race, Gentrification, and the Unhoused in Metro Atlanta, at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 9. We will discuss connections between the original land dispossession of the Muscogee Nation, the racist removal of …

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