Decatur’s Missing Middle And How You Can Help

The Missing Middle refers to housing that serves those for whom a single family home is impractical, unaffordable or unwanted. It may be a new and unfamiliar name but you’re already familiar with what it is because it is  prevalent in Decatur’s existing neighborhoods.

An inclusive community includes housing tailored to all stages of life — recent graduates, young professionals, working couples building careers, growing families,
or those divorced or retired. Missing Middle housing is one of the ways to create a more inclusive Decatur.

Every time you see a small-scaled multifamily building — a duplex, triplex or quad — you’re seeing the Missing Middle. From the outside, these units are comparable or compatible in size to single-family homes and yet they offer a place in our neighborhoods for middle income and workforce individuals and families who don’t qualify for mortgages that start well above their pay range.

Decatur is considering a Missing Middle policy to help bend its growth trajectory toward inclusivity. We need community support to make it happen. If the policy doesn’t pass, it probably will not come for a vote again. Let’s make Decatur the community that we know it can be — one in which our teachers, firefighters, police officers, city workers, retirees can work AND live.

How You Can Help

  • Email your city commissioner and let them know why Missing Middle housing is important to you. The opposition has flooded their inboxes. We need to do the same.
  • Need ideas? Click here.
  • Attend the January 17 commissioners meeting at Decatur City Hall: The opposition was out in full force at the previous meeting. They set the tone (negative) and controlled the narrative (Missing Middle housing will decrease property values, increase school crowding, wreak havoc on parking — all myths of affordable housing). This time we need to be in control, speak up
    and own the narrative.